Selecting Resouces for a School Library

One of the hardest things I have to do is select new materials for the school library. Until recently my poor desk was drowning under suppliers’ flyers, catalogues, unopened envelopes etc. These are┬ácalled selection aids. Now that I have a filing cabinet, I can see my desk again and I now have ready access to the selection aids.

I have just been reading about selection criteria for new resources using selection aids including the unsolicited mail. Part of my reading for the Librarianship course involved looking at the Selection Policy of the Western Australian Department of Education. (I am in NSW)

It is very interesting to see how explicit the WA selection policy is. I wonder how practical it is in implementation.

Now I need to see if 1. NSW has a selection policy. 2. How explicit it is in comparison to the NSW model.

Word of the Day: Realia

What is Realia? I came across it while working through my Librarianship studies as an area of the Library collection. A library houses many different things other than books including videos, posters, manuscripts and a thing called Realia.

According to Wikipedia:

“In library classification systems, the term realia refers to three-dimensional objects from real life such as coins, tools, and textiles, that do not easily fit into the orderly categories of printed material.”

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