Building the Dragon Part 4

It has been a while since my last update about my Dragon puppet. Since my last post Dragon has become a ‘she’ as I found some wonderful magenta fabrics for the scales of her body. I have also finished putting the eyeblink and jaw movement mechanisms together. The eyeblink is still quite stiff and I am hoping that blinking the eyes a lot will loosen the mechansim up a bit to make it easier. Creating the two mechanisms has been very challenging (and sometimes very frustrating) as I have no puppets in my collection that I can study their mechanisms and replicate the parts. I am now taking a break from construction (ie the rest of the body) and I want to spend some time creating the skin texture for Dragon. This is where I can use the techniques of a sculptor I have admired for many years- Dan Reeder (aka Dan the Monster Man). You can see his work over at¬†and his blog Here is a video of Dan’s work in Papier Mache:

Here are some new photos of my Dragon



Here is another video by Dan the Monster Man of his Dancing Marionette Dragon




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