Creating a display celebrating Lord of the Rings

With the first part of The Hobbit in cinema’s recently, I wanted to create a library display related to JRR Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings. Since the trilogy of films came out, fans of the films and books have collected all the toys and merchandise related to the films especially figurines of all the different races of Middle Earth and of course the ‘One’ ring. I reached out to the whole school community asking for objects people were willing to display in the Library display cabinet.

 The school community really came to the party with beautifully detailed models of Weathertop and the Tomb of the Stewards, figurines of the key characters and a full Middle Earth Chess set complete with Orcs, Urukai, Elves and Hobbits!

 To go with the display, I transformed one of the mannequins I had made for my Olympic display in 2012 into the Witch King from the 3rd film in the trilogy- Return of the King. The costume was made using 10 metres of black fabric that was draped around the statue and pinned to created the drapes and folds that are in the costume. The crown/ helmet was made from a sheet of cardboard that was scored and folded to give the shape to the face. The cardboard was painted using black acrylic paint with the scored edges dry-brushed with silver paint to give definition to the shapes. Since the hands of the mannequins are mitten like with the fingers glued together, the spiked gloves were made from socks with black scales hot glued onto the socks where the fingers would be. The thumb was made by cutting up a sock and hot gluing the seam, covering one side with some cardboard scales and sliding the tube onto the mannequin’s hand.


One thought on “Creating a display celebrating Lord of the Rings

  • May 31, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    Impressive and fun!

    Congratulations Ms Hanna for a wonderful and inspiring display.
    You must be one of those super energetic and passionate and dedicated Teacher Librarian.

    Way to go 🙂

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