Lucy goes around the world in 88 days: Day 7 & 8!

Day 7: Friday July 4th.
Today is American Independence Day! It is a big public holiday in America very similar to Australia Day with BBQ’s and fireworks. Today is really special to Miss Hannaford because she is going behind the scenes of one of Cirque du Soleil’s most spectacular peformances called O at the Bellagio Hotel! Best of all Miss Hannaford took me to see behind the scenes too!

Now to preserve some of the special secrets of the show and to protect the privacy of the performers and technicians we met- we were not allowed to take pictures except when we reached the area that stored 2 of the floating Carrousel horses! Miss Hannaford was allowed to touch it- a very special privilege!

Here is a preview of what Miss Hannaford saw at O

Outside the theatre are big bronze sculptures of Cirque du Soleil performers sculpted by Richard MacDonald. Many of the sculptures are larger than life size and capture very complicated moves like they are frozen in time.



When we came out of Cirque Du Soleil- we watched the special fountains ‘play’ outside the Bellagio. These fountains are very big and they have their own lake! Once the fountains had finished their display, the 4th of July fireworks started over the Caesar’s Palace hotel next door!



Day 8: Saturday 5th of July:
Today was our next travelling day but since our flight was not until 6pm, Miss Hannaford and I decided to go and look at all the unusual buildings along Las Vegas Boulevard- the main road that runs through Las Vegas. It also has another name- The Strip- referring to how all the major hotels are along both sides of the road- originally with nothing behind them but desert.

Some of the buildings look like famous places around the world such as the New York New York hotel looks like the skyline of New York City with a replica of the Statue of Liberty out the front- slightly smaller than the real one. Another hotel called Paris has a real Eiffel Tower out the front except it is half the size of the real one in Paris.



Other interesting buildings included the Venetian Hotel with the replica of the grand canal, gondola’s and the Rialto Bridge, the Excalibur. Hotel that looks like a castle out of a fairytale and of course the hotel we stayed at- the Luxor!




Can’t wait for tomorrow! Disney World here we come!


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