Lucy goes around the World in 88 days: Day 51, 52 & 53

Day 51: Sunday 17th August
After all the travelling around England during the last few days, Miss Hannaford and I decided to spend the day resting at the hotel and catching up on these blog posts. It is also very cold at the moment in England. The English summertime is very different to Australian summer in that it rains nearly every day and the temperature can be very cold with daytime maximums reaching 20 degrees unlike Australia where the summer temperature reaches 40!

Day 52 & 53: Monday and Tuesday 18/19th August.
Miss Hannaford spent more time working on her research at the Wedgwood Museum Archives. She was really excited to find a new piece of Egyptian Style Wedgwood from 1930 that she had never heard of before and better still, she was allowed to touch a piece of it before it was put safely away in the museum!

Miss Hannaford tells me we are doing something different tomorrow so I can’t wait!

– Lucy

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