Lucy goes around the world in 88 days: Day 82

Day 82: Wednesday 17th September
Today Miss Hannaford and I went to visit a puppet maker here in Prague. The Czech Republic has a long history of making wooden marionette (string) puppets and Miss Hannaford wanted to add a real Czech Marionette puppet to her collection.


The shop we visited is called Rici Marionettes. There are lots of different marionettes ranging from really small to really big.


The really big puppets have mechanisms inside them that allow the eyes to move or for the mouth to open and close or a tongue poke out.

Miss Hannaford ended up purchasing a large warlock puppet with the eye and mouth mechanisms and a small Harry Potter Marionette!



You can see here how steep the roads are in Prague. Miss Hannaford and I had to climb this hill to get to this puppet shop and when we got to the top we could see some of the old defensive wall that surrounds the town as well as great views across the city to the other hills!




After our puppet shopping, we caught the tram back to the main square of Prague called Wenceslas Square named after Saint Wenceslas who is depicted in a huge statue at the top of the square.



I am really looking forward to binging my new friends home although I think the Warlock is quite scary!

– Lucy

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