Lucy in Texas: Day 2

Day 2: Monday May 18 2015

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Today was our first full day in Denton Texas. Denton is a small, spread out town 30 minutes away from Dallas which is a big city. Since today was the only day Miss Hannaford has free to explore the town before she attends the puppetry workshop for the rest of the week, I decided to let her choose what places we were going to visit. Miss Hannaford is working on some puppet and robotics projects and she wanted to visit local fabric and hobby stores so we walked down to the local train station, caught the train into the transport interchange, waited for a route 6 bus to take us to a fabric store called Jo-Ann Fabrics.


Miss Hannaford was really excited to find some puppet making fabric called micro suede she has always heard about but never actually had the opportunity to see or touch! She asked me to pose in front of the fabric before we took it over to the cutting counter to buy!


We caught the route 6 bus back to the interchange and changed to a route 2 bus to go to a local shopping mall- we call them shopping centres. Both of us wanted to visit Barnes and Nobel bookstore as it is larger than any book store we have in Australia. I wanted to check out the DVD section and Miss Hannaford wanted to look at all of the books but especially the comics and graphic novels to get ideas for new books in the school Library.


We had lunch at the Mall before walking across the street to a hardware store and a Hobby Lobby store to look for more puppet and robotics materials. We only found one thing on Miss Hannaford’s list but since it was very hot outside, we walked back to the hotel.

We had dinner at a real Texan Steak House Restaurant. Texas is famous for it’s cattle farms called Ranches and real cowboys work on those ranches.

Miss Hannaford’s workshop starts tomorrow afternoon but she has been told that there is one more hardware store near to the hotel that she can visit in the morning. So we need a good night’s rest before all the fun begins tomorrow!

Lucy and Miss Hannaford

Lucy in Texas: Day 1

Day 1: May 17 2015

After our 3 month adventure around the world last year, I did not expect Miss Hannaford to take me again on one of her overseas puppet adventures but I am now here in Denton Texas accompanying Miss Hannaford to Beyond the Sock puppetry masterclass. Miss Hannaford is going to learn more about puppet making which she is already very proficient at but she is really looking forward to learning how to perform Muppet style puppets from puppeteers who actually performs Muppet characters.

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The adventure began with a long 15 hour flight from Sydney to Dallas Fort Worth Texas,USA. Miss Hannaford watched lots of movies and TV shows on the plane but her favourite new movie was Hugo about a boy who lives in the train station in Paris and secretly repairs an automaton- a clockwork puppet!

Hugo is based on Miss Hannaford’s favourite book in the school Library- The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.
Here is a trailer about the book and why the author chose to use both text and long sequences of pictures to tell the story.

Tomorrow the plan is to visit lots of fabric and hobby stores to find all the puppet making things Miss Hannaford has never been able to find in Australia.

Lucy and Miss Hannaford

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