Celebrating the Horror Genre in the Library

With Halloween just around the corner I have decided to decorate the library to celebrate not halloween but the genre of “Horror” since here in Australia we don’t celebrate Halloween to the extent that American’s do. All the variety stores here in Australia are full of halloween props at very reasonable prices. Some of the props in the shops are fantastic and some are really tacky. I decided to stick to a more pirate/ skeleton/ graveyard/ cobweb theme rather than witches and pumpkins.


The "Horror" table of books...

I even made up a table of all the horror books in the library collection. I was halfway through arranging the books on the table and students started picking the books up and borrowing them! Students even wanted to borrow the books in the window display (I just replaced them with even more content).

Window decorations
The bookmark tree at the loans desk- just pull a bookmark off the tree...

The part that has students the most excited are the 12 bookmarks I made. As soon as I decorated our bookmark tree (see the picture) and put the spare bookmarks in the only pumpkin I bought- bookmarks were flying out the door. Some students even wanted 1 of every bookmark design I had made.

I am already planning the decorations for next year- I am thinking along the lines of more pirates and I saw some fantastic polystyrene tombstones in the shops that would make some great window decorations.

The bookmark pumpkin- yes the eyes light up!
Our skeleton welcoming our visitors to the circulation desk...
Of course- it wouldn’t be a post by me if it didn’t relate to puppetry in some way so enjoy these offerrings from the Muppets!


have a spooky time…

Miss H

Leaving del.icio.us

Delicious. com has just undergone a complete redesign in its interface and the one thing that has really infuriated me is that the change has broken all my tag bundles. I have been a member of delicious since 2008 and I have carefully constructed my bundles to group my ‘links’ together to make life easier.

I had a go at making ‘stacks’ and while it is a relatively straight forward activity, it does not organise the tages into groups down the side of the page like the bundles did.

So I am leaving delicious and I am going to give diggo a go since it is not blocked to students and I like the sound of highlighting and annotating bookmarks. If it works out I will be able to demonstrate diggo to students and encourage them to use social bookmarking to organise their learning.

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