Using Voicethread and finishing the group assignment!

After a marathon effort all day yesterday between me and my wordsmith we have got the ‘group’ powerpoint presentation to a point where we could hand it in tomorrow! (1 week early) We still have a group Skype meeting this afternoon.

Once 2/3rds of the assignment was written, we noticed that our exploding walls design no longer fitted the theme of the assignment. Since the implementation part of the assignment was about iPads, I was inspired to change the design to an iPad and for that extra special touch, I researched which font was the font used by Apple for all its marketing- the result- Myriad Pro in semi bold! I have Myriad pro on my computer so it is the font of the assignment!

Finishing early has allowed me to practice my presentation for Tuesday afternoon on using Voicethread to comment on documents, pictures files etc for the helping hands meeting. I have used the Powerpoint presentation as an example so A) I can show my design off, and B) show people who have heard about this group powerpoint while I have been struggling with it. Voicethread is easy-ish to use if you watch the youtube video from Radford University. I have sent invites to all the audience members for tuesday so that they can practice collaborating on a voicethread. The only part that I found difficult was solving why my microphone was not recording into voicethread.

To solve the problem I used the troubleshooting guide but you need an understanding of the control panel of your computer in order to solve the problem. As someone who uses technology a lot- even I was challenged to use this software. Let’s see what happens on tuesday…

I will upload the voicethread later (after we submit our assignment)


Miss H 


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